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4 Reasons You Should Consider Marketing Offline

Offline Marketing is any marketing related activity carried out using any of the traditional methods – TV, Radio, Flyers, Billboards and even newspapers and magazines. This has for long been ignored due to the digitization of marketing, but are there some positives we are letting go as well?

Every business needs marketing as part of  its core operations, it is so important that no business can thrive without it. This has made competition take a new turn as all businesses now strive for remarkable ways to put their businesses before their customers.

Importance of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing has by itself come to replace traditional marketing strategies for most companies, due to many of its merits including the ability to systematically target your audience, get top notch and detailed analytics, pay per realizable results, and quickly gain traction in a short time.

While startups have all turned their attention to using this strategy in creating market awareness, small and medium sized biz should not be carried away by all these merits and also ignore offline marketing entirely.

Offline Advertisement Marketing Materials

Materials used for offline marketing include flyers, brochures, banners, posters, magazines, business cards, and  printed stationeries.

These items can be shared, pasted or handed out when necessary to create needed awareness.

 A solid offline marketing strategy built around these will result in high lead generation.

There are numerous benefits derived in pursuing an offline marketing strategy. I will list 4 of the benefits here.

1. Build Quality Relationships with customers 

Using any of the offline advertisement strategies will create a one on one relationship with your customers. People buy products they trust, and presenting a face to your products through sales men or agents will help customers to relate more with the brands as they can ask pertinent questions, and also learn more about the product, the brand and the people developing such a solution for them. This will lead to customer loyalty that will in turn help with word-of-mouth marketing. 

When we share flyers to potential customers on the street, our agents also take their time to properly explain the usefulness of the product to them, also entertaining some questions. 

This opportunity and respect given to these customers makes them happy. Even if they end up not buying, they will help tell others about their experience. 

It is not about the flyers, but the experience shared with them on the street.

Most of these potential customers value what is said to them much more than what is written. They may end up throwing away these flyers once the agent leaves.

This is why the flyer is just a tool to get the attention of potential customers.

From experience, there is usually one customer won over in every 20 flyers shared. A consistent distribution of marketing materials will lead not only to a wide market awareness, but also huge turnovers over time.

2. Feedbacks

All marketing efforts are hinged on ‘feedback’ because it measures product performance, customers – product perception and the amount of competition for the product out there. 

Using an offline marketing strategy, instant feedback can be gotten and fed to the product development team to carry out product reiteration. 

Business Intelligence obtained from the marketing and sales team is often held in high esteem due to its worth and ability to directly be used to capture a wider market audience.

3. Brand Trust

Customers will not trust a brand that is not real or seem authentic to them.

The idea of brand authenticity is hard to come by using an online medium, as anyone can write, post or upload anything. 

Customers who find products they desire in online shops often try to confirm if such products or prices are real by either double-checking with other trusted sites, or making a phone call to a retailer they know. 

When potential customers hear about a product on radio, or see it on TV or on billboards, they tend to subconsciously associate it with absolute authenticity. Maybe, they feel the TV, Radio or billboard company must have carefully scrutinized the ads’ authenticity before allowing it to go on air or on the billboard for them, because if otherwise, they might be party to some lawsuits that will fly around. 

Well I don’t know actually.

People generally ascribe ads they see or received offline to something that truly exists.

This leads to some kind of initial trust.

4. More Efficient

When it comes to getting more results at a lower price compared to online ads, say hello to offline ads strategy. 

It is Cheap and gives better results.

The dollar charges per clicks or impressions using online ads doesn’t even guarantee that the leads will end up being paying customers at the end. 

Sales agents on the other hand will hand over their marketing materials, try to get names and contact details of their prospects, and will then follow up on them until a sizable number of them become paid customers. This is simply how they earn their commissions, so there is some guarantee that a higher number of persons reached using any of the offline marketing strategies will end up being loyal customers.

Now that the benefits of including some offline marketing strategies in your marketing plan is clear, I would expect you would start doing some marketing offline. However, you should be careful in choosing the right marketing materials to use in conjunction with your chosen strategy. Take your time in choosing the best that will effortlessly convey your message.

Remember that crafting elite designs is very important in the process too.

My one penny advice to small and medium sized businesses is to seek adjustable ways to include offline marketing strategies in its Integrated Marketing approach before implementation. Besides, not everyone in its proposed targeted audience and market segment will have access to a smartphone or internet facility. Majority might not even be privileged to be on the platforms that ads are running at the time.

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