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How the Metaverse will Affect Marketers Worldwide

Please bear in mind that everything you will read below are futuristic anticipations. Some of these things are already happening(especially in gaming), but we are still anticipating and preparing for the real thing.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO as we previously know released a shocker of an announcement on the 28th of October, 2021 about Facebook rebranding to Meta and its focus away from Facebook as a social media platform on to bigger things – Metaverse.

Several reactions have trailed this announcement but I will emphatically state here how this whole change will affect Marketers and how people buy and sell online. This is a key moment that reminds us about the internet’s limitation and where we are headed.

Zuckerberg gave a lot out saying we in 2021 are still lagging behind when it has to do with innovations and lots of new stuffs should be expected come 2022.

What is Metaverse?

The internet is 2-dimensional, that is we can only get to interact with pictures, audios, and videos, but with the 3-D experience of metaverse, we can be immersed into the virtual reality of whatever we are doing online. It’s like the Matrix movie if I’m to make a comparison here.

You will get lots of examples as you continue to read.

Metaverse and Real Estate Marketing

Have you wondered what it will be like to take your prospects through a tour of any property that is up for sale, and doing this as soon as the prospects calls you asking for more information about the property? The prospect will not need to leave his house to do all of this, you also.

With metaverse, all these are possible.

Prospects can see something they like on the Horizon Platform, or any online ads you put up, click on a link and virtually walk into the living space to see exactly how it is. The Real Estate agent can walk him round the premise virtually, to sell him.

Deals can be closed a lot more quicker and prospects can be assured on their end knowing they are investing on a real property.

Automobile Sales

When it comes to sales and purchase of cars, salesmen can offer an embodied experience to whoever wants to test a vehicle before they decide. Buyers do not have to travel to the car dealership, but can have the whole experience of driving and testing the vehicle while still at their living room. This offers an embodied experience like you are right there in the moment.

Won’t that be fun?

Social Media Ads in the Metaverse

Horizon is the social platform being built for people to create and interact in the metaverse, and the Horizon Home will allow for virtual social hangouts.

Imagine you put on your glasses or headset and instantly in your home space, you are immersed into things that are created virtually by bloggers, vloggers, and other types of content creators – This will render an unlimited imagination of the possibilities there are with an incredible and inspiring view of whatever you are looking for.

This is how it works.

We all have a host of social media and online accounts with several profiles in them about us. For example, we have our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Crypto wallet, Shazam, Apple, Livescore, WhatsApp, Telegram and many more identities we have created about ourselves out there online, but these are scattered and disoriented to say the least. In the metaverse, all of your online IDs will be merged to form one distinct and unique ID – your avatar. You can tweak it to suit different occasion, but they will be a look-alike 3-D expression of you. With your avatar you can work, learn, play and do whatever you want on the metaverse with full assurance you are dealing with a legit avatar of another person because everyone’s profile have also been merged so we all have only one ID -our avatar. This will ensure some sort of security when you transact.

Okay, more on that later.

With the aid of VR or AR devices, we can embody live experiences in the metaverse as they happen.

In the metaverse, be aware that whatever products you are advertising on Horizon is 3-dimesional, so whoever is engaging with your ads will have that virtual added pleasure of experiencing what you offer.

They can download the object, and with the aid of Oculus Quest, virtually experience its features and how it works before making a concrete decision. Now, they don’t have to ask a single question, and the back-and-forth messages about the product itself will be cut off.

How about NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. That is, items that you can only find in the virtual space but represent physical items.

Let me give an illustration here.

You know with your avatar created, and with the aid of your VR device you can transcend into the virtual space, which we call the metaverse. Now in that space, a different world, you would not want your look-alike home space to be empty, so you would have to acquire virtual representation of physical items to fill your space and make it look real and comfy for you. There are items that you can easily find and purchase or add to your space, like your home equipment – there will be many and different kind of TVs of course, so you have the option to go for any one you prefer. But there are items that only one can be found, only one of them worldwide. These are non-fungible, that is non-replaceable. For example, that old belt your papa gave to you, that song you composed, or that book you have the copyright of. Its only one. These items can be digitally acquired into your space in the metaverse.

First tweet by Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, sold as an NFT

Mind you, you cannot just pick up anything and claim ownership in the metaverse if they are not owned by you.

Live Product Demo

Spaces can be set up in the metaverse to host meetings and product demos where all invitees with their avatars will attend and see or experience products being showcased. They can virtually be taken around a showroom to sample different products on offer. In this scenario, distance would never be a barrier as one can attend live product demos in California or New York without leaving their bedrooms.

We can visually interact with digital objects physically

Products can be brought in from the physical world into the metaverse, almost any kind of media that can be represented digitally -photos, videos, audios, gifs, arts, music, games, and lots of digital stuffs. And lots of physical things we know today will just be holograms in the future, so there will be less need for physical items when you can just build a cheaper version from some company across the world. One can just project their own experience to the public in the metaverse using holographic screens and others can join your space.

Facebook is building the tools that people can use to place digital objects into the physical world so people can interact with them, and these objects will not just have the usual visual effects, what is being built is a way these objects can respond or react when interacted with.

This will also help salesmen in their demo or presentations as they can drop down a virtual sample of their solution in the middle of everyone and interact with it explaining how it works to everyone.

The Interoperability Feature

With this feature, you can move across realities and from different different devices, like the VR full immersive device, an AR eye-glasses to be fully present in the metaverse and also physically, and you can use your phones and laptops to jump into different realities you wish.

The feeling of presence as Mark Zuckerberg puts it will be in every single sale we make. We can see the buyer’s facial expression, body language, figure out if they are holding a winning hand and all forms of gestures.

Metaverse Teleportation

Just like you browse around the internet with links going from page to page, finding new stuffs to engage with in a 2-dimensional manner, you can teleport from space to space in the metaverse using links and engaging with experiences in a 3-D immersive manner. Its not like watching a video as we have now, it will be more like being in the video seeing, feeling and smelling everything.

When you create an item for sale, it can be useful in a lot of contexts and in many platforms or spaces especially when it is public. With interoperability, you basically own the items you create and can use them across multiple devices and platforms.

Security in the Metaverse

People can block you off from their space to maintain some sort of security and privacy and you can do same to others. No sort of ad intrusion anymore, I guess.

With a single avatar linked to every identity you meet out there, you can be sure of a secured regulated platform where security and privacy are highly considered.

What to do now?

In the next 5 to 10 years, a lot of these tech are going to be mainstream according to Mark Zuckerberg. We have to start preparing for these changes that is inevitable so we are not taken unawares. A lot of these are now being experienced in gaming platforms which I’m not a big fan of by the way, so I can only prepare and anticipate until either I can afford jumping into the metaverse or it becomes compulsory, wiping away the internet.

For now, lets wait and watch this space closely.

Kindly drop a comment below to give me your view of the metaverse and other opinions on how it will shape how world in the future.

Thank you.

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